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The leading guest management platform for the craft beverage industry

Every month, millions of dollars’ worth of reservations and ticket sales are sold through the CellarPass guest management platform. By advertising on CellarPass, your business will rise to the top by allowing guests to book reservations or buy tickets to your events to qualified guests 24/7.

CellarPass Professional Edition

It's All About Efficiency

CellarPass was created to help your hospitality team become more efficient by incorporating automation into the lifecycle of a reservation so that they can spend more time with guests and less time in front of a computer.

The Professional Edition provides all the features of the Basic Edition but adds dozens of additional features such as real-time integration with 3rd party integrated partners* that you will not find in any other guest management platform.

Unleash the full potential of CellarPass by connecting to your CRM system to automatically apply discounts based on customer type, even comp’ing experiences on the fly with no need to manage or share promo codes.

With the trend of pre-paid guest experiences on the rise, you can connect to one of the popular payment gateways to charge guests at different intervals you set for each event. From “charge upon booking” to the popular “charge 24 hours of arrival”, CellarPass provides flexible payment automation that eliminates the need to key in data into your point of sale.

Leave your neighbors in the dust, sign up for CellarPass Professional Edition, today.

The Professional's Choice

CellarPass is not just a reservations platform, it's an enterprise-level guest management solution that gives you a single application to manage all your events, whether that's managed via a reservation, guest list or ticket. Use our default confirmation template, or create a customized confirmation email for each of your events, allowing you to properly communicate with the guest on what to expect, what to wear and more. A 24-hour reminder notification is sent significantly reducing "no shows".

So whether you want to manage an event by accepting reservations or by selling tickets, with CellarPass, costs are cut, time is saved and the frustration of working with incompatible applications is a thing of the past.

With integrations with the leading CRM and retail solutions, extend the power of the platform to recognize club members, automatically apply discounts, synchronize invite lists and so much more.

The Guest Link Check-In App

Native iOS and Android app makes check-in a snap. Instantly review upcoming Reservations providing you detailed information regarding guests, notes, payment status and more.

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Add-On Menus

Want to offer a food menu as part of your booking experience? With CellarPass Add-Ons Menu system, you can build menus which are then optional or required as part of the reservation process.

Extension of Your Team

CellarPass becomes an extension of your own hospitality team. Our Live Chat operators promote your experiences, provide your guests quick answers and assist with booking or buying tickets. Our technical support teams are available to make sure you are getting the most out of your subscritpion.

Need We Say More?
With CellarPass' partnership with Yelp® and dozens of other syndicated content network partners, we can now add a Book Reservations button to your Yelp biz page listing, making it easy for their over 200 million active users to plan their visit to your business.

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