CellarPass Case Study of Robert Mondavi Winery

CellarPass Case Study | Robert Mondavi Winery

Robert Mondavi Winery required a single, robust guest management system that could be easily integrated with Vin65.

CellarPass Case Study of Robert Mondavi

"...deliver the best guest experience possible."

When you operate one of the busiest destinations in Napa Valley, automation and systems integration is a key ingredient to managing costs and keeping customer data synchronized.

"Our integration with Vin65 is the most advanced level available, allowing our destination partners to keep their customer data synchronized and their tours availability up to date to the second, allowing the hospitality team at Robert Mondavi Winery to deliver the best guest experience possible", says Jonathan Elliman, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at CellarPass.

CellarPass is integrated with the leading eCommerce and CRM systems available that help supercharge your hospitality team so they can provide the best possible guest experience the moment they book.

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